Saturday, 22 June 2013

A granny to brighten a midwinter morn.

Last night we celebrated the midwinter solstice by gathering at my mum's house, eating dinner we'd prepared earlier in the day, no lighting other than candle light, and no power use, which means no screens! My Mr 12 found that a tad challenging , but he survived. We sat around the table talking, Mr 12 read when he got bored with us, and the young ones drew pictures and were hypnotised by the candlelight. Other than being reminded how flattering candle light is, I was reminded how distracting technology is. When the T.V is on it dominates the space, becoming the sole focus of the room. Even the radio on in the corner can dominate. I loved last night, it was a little reminder of the value of silence and space when it comes to creating. It has spured me on to make a space in my house to sit, create and just be, away from the yabbering television. Now to get planning!
Here's a granny square I made a while back, to brighten this midwinter morn.
Jo x

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