Saturday, 1 February 2014

Growing up, growing old and growing wise....hopefully.

My eldest boy started his adventure into high school last week, and my youngest little man had his 3 year old introductory interview. On the same day. Small things in the scheme of things, but they felt huge! Markers of how fast time is flying by.
Mr 12 is going to my old school. My old stomping ground. He'll even have some of the same teachers, although that may concern them more than me!
As I watched him drive off on his first of many bus rides to school, I reflected on how I felt at that age.  I felt so grown up, but so unsure. Unsure of how to act, how to look, who to be. I worried about others opinions a bit too much. I was never interested in sports, which was a big deal in our country town. That and farming.

I loved my horse,our animals, my books and my imagination. I would spend hours in the old magnolia tree, curled up in the crook of a branch, reading book after book. The bark of the tree was polished to a waxy sheen from where I sat. 
Or I would climb to the top of the hay shed and make a nest from the loose hay, flop myself down and escape into other worlds, be anyone I wanted to be.

And now I live in town. Admittedly a small town still, but there is something magic about growing up on a farm. There is always something to do, and somewhere to escape to.
I worry that my big boy spends way too much time in his room on his DS. He wants me to cave and let him have a T.V in his room ( I won't!) I worry that my youngest spends to much time in front of the T.V with dad while I'm at work.

My kids are growing up in a beautiful place though. We live by the sea. We have 2 dogs and 4 chooks.
We go to the beach, dig holes big enough to trap a man, and return home, tired, salty and leaving a trail of sand wherever we go.  I hope they look back with fondness on this time.
I look back at my childhood, and wish I'd had more confidence. Wish I'd known that if I wanted I really could do anything I wanted. 
But I'm happy, And I think my boys are happy too. I am growing older, watching them grow up and I aim to grow wiser along side.

 Jo x


  1. Sounds like your boys are very fortunate to have such a lovely place to grow up and a thoughtful Mum too.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Emily Jane,and we really do live in an amazing place! x