Friday, 20 September 2013

Sanity Ahoy!

Happy Pirate Day!

So today is Pirate day in our house, actually I don't think we have many days that aren't pirate day in some way! This is one of my favourite photos ever of Mr 3. It sums up my littlest man, curious, contemplative, and always a second away from absolute anarchy!! I've just come out the other side of a bit of a marathon of work, where I've been leaving before this little man is up, and I'm home when he is tired, emotional and most of the time hysterical. Not fun. But school holidays are here, and while I'll still be working, I'm back to much more decent hours. I'm looking forward to getting some sanity back, some time with both my boys, getting the house in order ( housework has been severely neglected!) and fingers and toes crossed I get some craft time. My woolly addiction has been neglected too!

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