Sunday, 27 April 2014

Easter catch up..

It's been a long time since I've been here. Life has taken over, children, work, stuff.
I have so many ideas floating in my brain, things I'd love to do. To sit and create, uninterrupted, for as long as I choose. To start a project and work on it till its finished. To not have to steal moments when I can, or wait all day until the whirlwind of a boy I have is finally asleep to be able to get my crafty fingers working. 

But then I remember how lucky I am to have little ones to interrupt me. How I'll miss these days when they have fled the nest. So I'm trying to be present, not wish these days away. 

Easter here was wonderful. All my brothers and sisters ( there's 6 of us!) were together at mums for the first time in a long time and we talked, laughed and ate our way through the weekend. Autumn walks on the beach, visits to the farmers market and, did I mention we ate!?

I had my first market in a long time, and after a slow start, I sold stuff! I had people look at what I'd made, love it and spend their hard earned dollars on it. What a great feeling. And even if they didn't buy, the feedback was wonderful. Quite the ego boost!
My corner of the market stall
I shared the stall with my little brothers girlfriend, and I perched my little table full of wares down and spent the day knitting and chatting, to her and to market goers. And it was great.

That night I had to prepare some goodies for my Mr 3's dairy free Easter. Not so hard, I just got some dairy free chocolate that he loves and using some Easter moulds I'd managed to find at the op shop, I made some marshmallow, and 100's and 1000's covered goodies. And of course I didn't manage to get any photos!
He also got a ceramic bunny to paint, and some colouring books. Fun!

And then the next morning an Easter miracle occurred! Well I may be exaggerating just a tad. 
I made a ginger cake to take to our family lunch, using my great great grandmothers recipe. I sprinkled a bit of icing sugar over, using a rabbit template to decorate, and wonders of wonders, a crack in the cake managed to form the cutest and most perfectly placed bunny eye!

The miraculous ginger cake!
I didn't say it was an impressive miracle...maybe I need to get out more!

 Anyway, I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter, and managed to witness a miracle or two, no matter how big or small!

Jo x

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