Thursday, 20 February 2014

Getting cosy...

Last year I entered some of my crafty woolly work in my first ever event. It was for the Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival. Fish Creek is a small country town about half an hour from where I live, primarily a farming town, it has a arty edge. Last year was the first ever tea cosy festival, and I fluffed around with some wool, some tea pots and some ideas, and eventually come up with 2 tea cosies that I was happy to put my name to.

My finished pair of cosies.

Being the first time I'd entered any of my work I wasn't expecting much, and while I didn't place in the tea cosy contest, I was flabbergasted to sell both my pieces. And if I'm honest, I felt a little bit sad to see them go. I'd spent so long playing with stitches, different wools and ideas, that I'd become quite attached to them.
But the day I got my first ever crafty related cheque in the mail, I must admit, mid crazy happy jig at the mail box, I did feel better about letting them go!

Butterfly Garden Cosy

I often wonder who bought them, who parted with their hard earned cash, in exchange for something that I made. I hope they are keeping many a pot of tea warm, that they are part of someone's loving kitchen, sitting in between a family at breakfast, friends having a heart to heart. And I hope they bring a smile to someone's face now and then.

Rainbow Fish Cosy

And now, to this year... I have a basketful of wool and a head full of ideas, now to just find the time to put the two together!

How about you? Are you a lover of all things cosy and tea related?

Jo x

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